Outreach Projects

Charity Begins At Home

Quakers are doers – activists. “Quiet revolutionaries” to some. Engagement with society, especially those among us in greatest need, is a long-running theme of Quakers everywhere. Sometimes our aim is national, sometimes global. More often, it’s local.  

The Phoenix Quaker Meeting brings together individuals with many interests and concerns. According to our passions, available time, and financial means, individuals invest in projects and charities of many kinds, all driven by a shared mission of service and support for urgent needs in society. 

In no particular order, here is a sampling of projects within the Phoenix Meeting that speak to the diversity of our interests and personal commitment to serving others. Some are formal nonprofit charities. Some are a single individual doing what is right. 

This is a first installment listing names and organizations and contact links for individuals within our Quaker family. To learn more about these projects – or to help – do not hesitate to reach out. 

Current Outreach Projects

The Stamp Project

Judy Lundy and Nancy Marshall send stamps that Friends cut off their mail to the Indiana Friends, who clean them up for sale to stamp collectors. All proceeds go to women and families in developing countries through the Quaker project, Right Sharing of World Resources. Contact Nancy or Judy.

Cell Phones

Len Schulwitz purchases old cell phones off eBay and gives them to people who need them. This could become a network of volunteers purchasing phones, activating them with low payment plans, and distributing them where most needed. Len welcomes help. Contact Len.

Bolivian Education

Nancy Marshall and others in the Phoenix Quaker Meeting support the Bolivian Quaker Education Fund, a nonprofit helping Aymara youth prepare for higher education as a path out of poverty and discrimination faced by this marginalized Native community. Nancy serves BQEF as Clerk. Visit www.bqef.org for more information about programs and trips. Contact Nancy.

Project Linus

Paulette Gehlker supports Project Linus, an organization that gives handmade blankets and afghans to children who are ill, traumatized or living at risk. Contact Paulette or the Project Linus founder Eve Buck.


Tom Haines teaches the Japanese martial art of aikido through Arizona Aikido. Aikido emphasizes non-violent resolution to conflict whenever possible. The practice promotes mind/body integration of energy and centering. Aikido celebrates the commonality of all people, a fundamental assumption of all Quakers. Contact Tom.

AZ Community Land Trust

Richard Starling founded the Arizona Community Land Trust to deal with complex issues of food production and distribution. ACLT seeks to change the model of ownership and profit to return benefits of available healthy food to all communities, starting with “food deserts” in Phoenix. Contact Richard.